C9550-412 学習関連題 & C2090-620 必殺問題集


NO.1 An author creates a report for bursting. In Report Studio, the author sets the burst type
for the report to
Directory entries. In Cognos Connection, the author sets the run options to burst the report
and send the
report by email. If the email addresses for the burst recipients are accessible by IBM Cognos
BI, what is
the expected result?
A. The report is burst to both email addresses and directory entries.
B. The report is burst to email addresses only.
C. The report is burst to directory entries only.
D. A warning message appears indicating a conflict in the run options.
Answer: A

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NO.2 In Report Studio, an author wants the report title to appear in the language in which the
report is run.
What property of the report header must the author define to create this variable?
A. String Variable
B. Style Variable
C. Render Variable
D. Text Source Variable
Answer: D

C2090-620 解説集   C2090-620 受験料   

NO.3 In Report Studio, when would the author need to unlock cells on a report?
A. To merge two report types into a single report.
B. To merge a query item into a text item.
C. To merge query items into a single column.
D. To merge report objects in table.
Answer: C

C2090-620 問題集   C2090-620 模擬   

NO.4 In Report Studio, which variable requires the author to create values?
A. Language
B. Boolean
C. Style
D. String
Answer: D

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試験科目:IBM Business Process Management Express or Standard Edition V8.5.5, BPM Application Development
問題と解答:全60問 C9550-412 学習関連題

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